Our Story

Devoted to sushi since 1993

In 1993 St Pierre's formed an alliance with one of Japan's largest food exporters, The Tokyo Mutual Trading Company. They had been the pioneers of Japanese food in the USA.
They provided superior cooking condiments and expertise to St Pierre's. From that time St Pierre's started to import all its own products used for making sushi from Japan, to make the most delicious sushi possible.


3 Brothers
The three brothers open the first St. Pierre’s store in 1984 in the city of Wellington, New Zealand - originally as a delicatessen and seafood store.


Presenting Sushi

St. Pierre’s presents Sushi of Japan brand introduced as an experiment in the seafood department.


St. Pierre’s begins to import the best Japanese ingredients to deliver New Zealanders an authentic taste of Japan.



Stores rapidly introduced throughout the country - in areas such as Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.


Presenting Bento

Bento Bowl by St. Pierre’s is launched, providing mouth-watering hot rice and noodle dishes to Kiwis.


Soup time

Warming the hearts and the stomach through the introduction of Miso Soup to our customers.


Heaven on Rice

New Zealand becomes acquainted with one of their favourite dishes - chicken on rice. A delicious meal topped with teriyaki sauce with the option of Japanese mayo.


Value of the Day

The Sushi of the Day menu is set in motion, charming taste buds through flavoursome, high quality products and amazing value for money.


St Pierre's is the French name for the famous New Zealand fish John Dory. The name also translates to St Peter, who was the Patron Saint of Fisherman.