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Chicken & Tuna Jumbo Combo

8PC $9.70

4PC $5.90

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4 Pieces of Jumbo Teriyaki Chicken Rolls + 4 pieces of Jumbo Tasty Tuna Sushi

Jumbo Chicken: Freshly cooked Teriyaki Chicken, Red Capsicum, Single Avocado and Cucumber 

Jumbo Tuna : Tuna Mixed with Japanese Mayonnaise and Spring Onions, Lettuce, Cucumber and Red Capsicum 

**Served with Soya Sauce, Wasabi and Pickled Ginger.

Nutrition Info - Per 100g

Energy (KJ)672

Energy (Cal)161

Protein (g)7.9

Fat, total (g)2.3

Fat, saturated (g)0.4

Carbohydrates, total (g)26.5

Sugar (g)4.1

Sodium (mg)226