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Eating at St Pierre's on a Low Sodium Diet

While sodium is an essential mineral for a well functioning human body, most of us have too much sodium in our diet! The recommended maximum amount of sodium is 2300 mg per day - about one teaspoon of salt - but it is beneficial if you consume less. To reduce the risk of chronic disease the Ministry of Health suggests no more than 1600 mg sodium per day.

The majority of our sodium intake comes from salt, of which sodium makes up 40% (i.e. 1 g of salt will give you 400 mg of sodium). A diet too high in sodium has been linked to increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, stomach cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, osteoporosis, and water retention/bloating. Those with high blood pressure and/or heart conditions, in particular, may be required to have a low sodium diet.


Good choices for those on a low sodium diet:

  • Salmon nigiri* - 244 mg/serve (6 pieces), or 83 mg/100 g
  • Fresh salmon sushi - Jumbo Salmon Double Avo* sushi has 319 mg/serve (8 pieces), or 100 mg/100 g; Jumbo Salmon* sushi has 317 mg/serve, or 104 mg/100 g
  • Vegetarian sushi - Double Avo Vegetarian* sushi has 327 mg/serve (8 pieces), or 112 mg/100 g

* Products classified as 'low in sodium' by Food Standards Australia New Zealand.


The following should be used/consumed sparingly!

  • Miso soup
  • Soy sauce
  • Teriyaki sauce


Umami and MSG

We all know the basic tastes sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.. but did you know there is a fifth basic taste? It's called umami, otherwise known as 'savoury' or 'meaty'. Borrowed from Japanese, the word umami means 'pleasant savoury taste'.

The active ingredient of MSG (monosodium glutamate) is glutamate or glutamic acid, an amino acid. Glutamate gives food that umami quality, and MSG is commonly added to snack foods to bring out the flavour.

When used as an additive MSG is classed as a flavour enhancer (number 621), but it also occurs naturally in many foods - including meat, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, shellfish, soy sauce, and other fermented products. Despite a lot of bad rap, MSG is harmless to the majority of the population and the body cannot distinguish between naturally occurring and synthesised MSG. A small number of people are intolerant to MSG or sensitive to large amounts, however, and should avoid MSG and other glutamates.


Eating at St Pierre's if you are intolerant or sensitive to MSG

Exercise caution with respect to the following:

  • Soy sauce, and anything containing soy sauce - e.g. teriyaki sauce, teriyaki chicken
  • Miso soup
  • Tasty tuna sushi
  • Japanese mayonnaise
  • Seaweed salad
  • Crab salad (surimi) and crab nuggets
  • Fish balls

Note that some of the above products contain naturally occurring MSG! 


As always, feel free to ask if you are unsure! Our store managers are always happy to help, or drop us a question here on Facebook or on Twitter.


Omega-3 Fats

Long chain Omega-3 fats promote good health and chronic disease prevention. Regular consumption can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, several types of cancer, and is good for brain health!

To get these benefits, it's recommended that you eat 430 mg (women) or 610 mg (men) of long chain Omega-3s each day. Salmon and tuna contain the long chain Omega-3 fats DHA and EPA.


Did you know?

- Fresh salmon is one of the best sources of Omega-3s.

- One 8-pack of regular fresh salmon sushi:

  • contains all your daily Omega-3!
  • contains more Omega-3 than one fish oil capsule – with the added bonus of selenium, which is also associated with decreased risk of cancer and heart disease.

- Both fresh and canned tuna contain long chain Omega-3s.

- Shrimps are a low fat source of long chain Omega-3s, and also provide iodine, calcium, selenium and zinc to the diet.


St Pierre’s Sushi and Your Health

The healthy new way to eat chicken

Eat healthy and low fat with St Pierre's Teriyaki Chicken Sushi.

St Pierre's teriyaki chicken is cooked in a slow, healthy way without oil or frying. Enjoy the delicious taste of St Pierre’s teriyaki chicken without the guilt of other fast food options.

With choices like Deluxe Teriyaki Chicken Sushi, Diet Teriyaki Chicken Sushi, Original Teriyaki Chicken Sushi and Teriyaki Chicken on Rice, you'll love the taste - plus know you are eating healthy and low fat.

For an added dose of beneficial monounsaturated fats enjoy the Double Avocado Teriyaki Chicken sushi options.

Whatever you choose you know it will be a great healthy choice!


Get the good oils with salmon and avocado

Packed with long chain Omega-3 fatty acids, St Pierre's fresh salmon arrives daily from the pristine waters of the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.

Fresh salmon and smoked salmon are a good source of long chain Omega-3s. Add avocado for some healthy monounsaturated fats and you have one of the most nutritious sushi combination available.

These sushi are packed full of good fats. Regularly consuming these good fats can give you great health benefits and there is no more natural way than with salmon and avocado!


What's in our sushi?

Check out the full nutritional analysis of St Pierre’s most popular sushi. Then you will realize than you can eat healthy plus enjoy great taste, any time!



Allergen Information

NOTE: Our vinegar, soy sauce and teriyaki sauce are all gluten-free

Sorted by item

  Item Allergens
Chicken Teriyaki chicken Wheat (low gluten), soy
  Teriyaki chicken double avocado Wheat (low gluten), soy
  Deluxe teriyaki chicken Wheat (low gluten), soy
  Cheriyaki Wheat (low gluten), soy, dairy
  Teriyaki chicken on rice Wheat (low gluten), soy, sesame
Salmon Fresh salmon Wheat (low gluten), fish
  Fresh salmon double avocado Wheat (low gluten), fish
  Smoked salmon Wheat (low gluten), fish
  Smoked salmon double avocado Wheat (low gluten), fish
  Salmon & prawn duo Wheat (low gluten), fish, crustacea
  Salmon lovers Wheat (low gluten), fish
  Nigiri - salmon Wheat (low gluten), fish
Tuna Tasty tuna Wheat (low gluten), egg, fish
  Tuna double avocado Wheat (low gluten), egg, fish
Combo Teriyaki chicken/ fresh salmon Wheat (low gluten), soy, fish
  Teriyaki chicken/tasty tuna Wheat (low gluten), egg, soy, fish
  Fresh salmon/tasty tuna Wheat (low gluten), egg, fish
  Fresh salmon/fresh tuna Wheat (low gluten), fish
Vegetarian Regular vegetarian Wheat (low gluten)
  Double avocado vegetarian Wheat (low gluten)
  Inari Soy, traces of wheat (inari pocket)
Seafood Prawn double avocado Wheat (low gluten), crustacea
  Prawn mayo Wheat (low gluten), egg, crustacea
  California roll Wheat (low gluten), egg, soy, fish
  Sweet chilli seafood Wheat, egg, soy, fish
  Edamame beans Soy
  Miso soup Soy, fish
  Oden soup Wheat, soy, fish
  Seaweed salad Wheat, soy sesame
  Chilli oil Sesame
  Mayonnaise Egg
  Pickled ginger Traces of wheat (vinegar)
  Seafood sauce Egg, dairy, soy
  Shrimp sauce Egg, traces of wheat (vinegar)
  Soy sauce Wheat (low gluten), soy
  Sweet chilli sauce Wheat (low gluten)
  Teriyaki sauce Wheat (low gluten), soy
  Vinegar Wheat (low gluten)
  Wasabi Soy
  Yellow pickle None
  Crab nuggets Egg, soy, fish
  Crab salad (surimi) Egg, soy, fish
  Giant shrimp lunchbox Egg, crustacea
  Jumbo shrimp Crustacea
  Prawn tails Crustacea
  Sashimi Fish
  Seafood cocktail Egg, dairy, soy, fish
  Seafood combo Egg, dairy, soy, fish, crustacea, traces of wheat (shrimp sauce)
  Shrimp cocktail Egg, soy, fish, crustacea, traces of wheat (shrimp sauce)
Fish balls Cocktail sausage Wheat, egg, soy, fish
  Crispy spinach ball Wheat, egg, soy, fish
  Fish tofu Egg, soy, fish
  Teriyaki bun Egg, soy, fish, sesame
  Tom yum bun Egg, soy, fish
  Tuna bun Egg, soy, fish
  Vege ball Wheat, egg, soy, fish
  Mochi - regular Soy
  Mochi - cream Wheat, dairy, soy

Sorted by allergen

Allergen Product (sushi, seafood, other products) Condiments
Wheat ALL SUSHI CONTAINS WHEAT (BUT NO GLUTEN asides from sushi listed here). Fish balls (cocktail sausage, crispy spinach, vege ball), inari sushi (trace), mochi (cream) (trace), oden soup, plain sushi rice (no gluten), seaweed salad, unagi. Pickled ginger (trace), shrimp sauce (trace), soy sauce (low gluten), teriyaki sauce (low gluten).
Egg California roll, crab nuggets, crab salad (surimi), double avocado prawn sushi (with mayo), fish balls (all), giant shrimp lunchbox, seafood cocktail, seafood combo, shrimp cocktail, sweet chilli seafood sushi, tuna mayo sushi (all). 
Note: some salmon sushi rolls may contain mayonnaise.
Mayonnaise, seafood sauce, shrimp sauce.
Dairy Cheriyaki sushi, mochi (cream), salmon melt, seafood cocktail, seafood combo. Seafood sauce
Soy California roll, crab nuggets, crab salad (surimi), edamame beans, fish balls (all), giant shrimp lunchbox, inari sushi, miso soup, mochi (all), oden soup, seafood cocktail, seafood combo, sweet chilli seafood sushi, seaweed salad, teriyaki chicken sushi (all), teriyaki chicken/salmon on rice, unagi, wasabi. Seafood sauce, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce.
Fish California roll, crab nuggets, crab salad (surimi), fish balls (all), giant shrimp lunchbox, miso soup, salmon sushi (all), salmon & prawn duo sushi, sashimi, seafood cocktail, seafood combo, smoked salmon sushi (all), sweet chilli seafood sushi, tuna sushi (all), unagi. None
Sesame Double Avocado Prawn sushi (with chilli oil), fish balls 
(teriyaki bun), seaweed salad.
Chilli oil
Crustacea Giant shrimp lunchbox, jumbo shrimp, prawn sushi (all), 
prawn tails, Salmon & Prawn Duo sushi, shrimp cocktail.
Peanuts None  None 
Tree nuts None None